Online Dog Grooming Courses

online dog grooming coursesWe’ve received several requests relating to what Online Dog Grooming Courses are available, so we decided to write this post.

Please understand that any website that we list in this post is NOT a recommendation by us.

We know that it’s sometimes difficult to find sites when doing a search in your internet browser, so we did our own search to try and provide this type of information for you. We tried to limit our listing to what appears to be reputable sites, but if you decide to sign-up with any of these, you need to check them out.

There were several other sites that had dog grooming courses but we weren’t comfortable listing them here. Some of these sites looked a little suspicious to us. Continue reading

Grooming a Maltese

Grooming a Maltese

Maltese Adult

One of the toy breeds that are increasing in popularity every day is the Maltese. These adorable tiny dogs are lively and affectionate. They love attention and are fantastic apartment dogs, but grooming a Maltese can be scary for some owners.

As with most little dogs, they can be a bit yappy and wary of kids. Early socialization will help control this unwanted behavior. We’ve all seen the cute tiny carrying purses that people use to carry them around. Their silky white coats require lots of grooming to keep it looking nice and healthy. Whether you plan on doing the grooming yourself or use a professional groomer, this is a factor that really needs to be considered before making them a part of your family.

We searched for some good videos relating to grooming a Maltese and the only one that we found that offered excellent guidance was for a Maltese show dog. Well, the original videos that we put on this site are no longer available so we had to find some other ones. These videos are not for show dogs so we hope these videos provide you with some information that is useful.

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Dog Grooming Books

Dog Grooming BooksIs it possible to learn how to groom your dog or cat from a book? For the most part, yes, you can learn quite a bit from a grooming book, but you probably won’t learn everything that you need to know. You can definitely learn the basics of grooming.

Books are an excellent starting point, especially if you’re learning at home. Although, today, you can get this type of information on various medias such as dvds, ebooks or videos, having an actual book for learning and future reference is a great idea.

Of course, you get the basics of grooming from a book and then you need to put this knowledge to use in the actual hands on application. It never fails. Any task always sounds easier when you read how to do it, but actually trying to do the task is the second step in learning. Continue reading

Grooming a Cat

Cat GroomingCat owners will agree with the fact that grooming a cat can be a challenge. Even though some cats like to be combed and brushed, there are those that want nothing to do with this and the challenge of grooming will be a major one. Oh, and what about the dreaded bathing? Do you know of any cats that like to be bathed? Of course, the good thing about cats is that, for the most part, bathing is something that is not needed. Cats are normally very clean pets and they constantly groom themselves. Thank goodness they don’t like the same things as dogs. Can you imagine a cat rolling on the ground in some nasty smelling stuff or jumping in a muddy water puddle? Continue reading

Dog Grooming Guidance

Dog Grooming BusinessHave you ever thought about dog grooming as a career? If you have, then do you have the necessary training?

Certification in dog grooming is not really a requirement in most places, but it will set you apart as a person who is very serious about your business.

An excellent way of getting some training is by getting involved as an apprentice. Several established groomers will take on assistants and teach them the basics of grooming. As an apprentice, you must be willing to do a whole lot of bathing, vacuuming and sweeping when you first start out. Those tasks may not sound like a lot of fun, but they are necessary and you need to start somewhere.

By working with different dogs, you will be able to perfect your dog handling skills.  Working as an apprentice will also enable you to see if this career is actually something that you want to pursue. Volunteering at a local animal rescue group can also provide you with the opportunity to try out dog grooming before you make the investment for any formal training. Continue reading

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